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                    Garbage is divided into four categories: Garbag that can not be recovered and used. Kitchen husk,leaves,leftovers ,etc. collected with green plastic containers.Waste that can be recovered and used. Paper,plastic,glass,fabric and metal,etc.,are collected in blue plastic containers.Toxic and hazardous waste. Scrap batteries,expired medicines,paint buckets,mercury thermometers,fluorescent tubes and household chemicals,etc.are collected in red plastic containers.Other rubbish,collected in gray or yellow plastic containers.


                    It’s no doubt that university campuses will produce a large amount of rubbish everyday, however, there are fewer college students paying attention to its classification.

                    Factually waste separation is vital to create an environment-friendly campus. Firstly, waste separation does great contribution to the environmental protection. Since some of waste is recyclable, while other is unrecyclable, if all the students could voluntarily differentiate recyclable rubbish from unrecyclable rubbish, the risk of the environmental pollution will be greatly reduced. Secondly, waste separation could save a lot of energy and time on its processing.

                    With the rapid increase in the amount of rubbish at the campus, rubbish classification does not permit of any delay. On the one hand, as the well- educated people, college students should act as hosts of the universities and separate waste from this moment in their daily life. On the other hand, university authorities should strengthen students’ awareness of environmental protection and suide students to separate waste in a reasonable way.


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